Manoj Nair – Photographer 

….In your wildest dreams (and nightmares) , have you ever thought or considered having a Dentist to photograph ; one of the most important days of your life?

Yeah….. dont think so. ( yet .. you are here! ) Hello there!
My name is Manoj Nair. I am a Fine Art and Minimalistic Wedding Photographer and it is my honour to photograph your big day!

As a self taught photographer, who started in 2009, I rarely photograph what I see, instead I always photograph what I feel. Despite that sounding really cheesy and cliche… I really do mean it! Its hard to explain in words.. but put it simply – When you look at your photos, 10.. or even 20 years down the road, it should still give you that same feeling of warm nostalgic love, just like your wedding day. And that is exactly what i strive for every single weekend when I’m out in the wedding field! Simple and timeless photos.. today and forever.

Being a full time dentist, it isn’t easy juggling my two worlds but I am blessed and touched to have met so many wonderful couples( whom are now my friends! yay!) / colleagues along this journey which makes the journey much more rewarding 🙂 As most have already known, I am also currently attached with Munkeat Studio since 2016 and am working there as a Senior 2 Photographer.

Also another point to add, perhaps I am one of the few wedding photographers out there who includes a complimentary dental consultation in my wedding package…. Haha!
Well enough about me, this should be all about you and your big day! Lets meet up!
PS : Its gonna be a good bedtime story to your future kids hiring a dentist as your wedding photographer, (LOL)

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